ABC7: Breathtaking video high above Chicago

October 5th, 2012 - These are some extraordinary video clips of the recent installation of the new ABC 7 antenna atop Willis Tower.

The amazing shots were taken by tiny cameras on the ironworker's helmets, the antenna sections themselves, and another helicopter. The video features Local 1 ironworkers John Rukavina and his nephew Bob East.

Director Stephen Brown and Zoo City Productions were filming the entire event for a documentary entitled "Cowboys of the Sky", which chronicles the journey of 74-year-old Local 1 ironworker John Rukavina.

Doing an installation in that environment is tough enough for an ironworker. Doing it with a helicopter makes it even more difficult. The stunning video leaves no question of John's skill, experience and fortitude.

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Jonathan Brandmeiers Radio Show Interview

October 27th, 2012 - Listen to 'The Voice of Chicago' WGN Jonathon Brandmeier and hear his interview with one of his local heroes, "Tower Dog" John Rukavina.

They discuss the October topping out of the Willis Tower antenna and the making of this film, Cowboys of the Sky. Enjoy some excerpts from the show accompanied by sneak preview footage.

From kangaroo's in backpacks to jumping off the tower, hear what this radio host has to say and speculate to John Rukavina.